Saturday, 6 December 2008

An interactive guide to animals

I've just been blamed for all that stuff that went on in Mumbai. As usual, it started when some racists came to my house and tried to give me leaflets. I said I didn't like terrorists either but I could feel a scene developing in my doorstep. So I told them that if they could prove they were the master race I would read their leaflets and possibly help them drive out a few desperate families. But I needed to test their strength if I was to believe they were the master race. I gave the first man a caber but he dropped it on his foot and swore at me. I told him the master race only used good words, not bad words, and that he was out of the competition. The next man I gave a few bits of metal and asked him if he could fashion them into a robot that did a backflip. He failed so miserably I decided to thump him in the eye. The third man I gave some used bubbly gum and asked him to make it new again with some sort of spell. After chewing it for a few seconds he was sick.
This is why I have become a fan of this web site that tells you all about animals.

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