Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Day one

What is my blog?

A collection of hits. No-one may ever read it so one has to wonder what the purpose of it is. Perhaps we reflect better in cyberspace or just find it comfortable to sound pretentious in print. Anyway, it beats masturbating over pornography or playing Tetris - for some. For others I think I'd rather they wanked themselves stupid rather than attempt to hussle me their daily cobblers.

Tonight I go to watch fireworks and hopefully will return. I think the subject of my first blog might be the shape of Guy Fawkes hat. Apparently the cellars underneath the houses of parliament were barrel vaulted and would have required potential terrorists to stoop quite low. So why the hat? A miners' helmet would have been more practical and a flat cap much less conspicuous-but wearing either would have convinced the conspiracy theorists that he was trying to get one up for Yorkshire. Five hundred years later we might have been burning effigies of Harvey Smith or Geoff Boycott. Maybe that wouldn't have been a bad thing.

That was my first ever blog. God I hope they get better. If they don't I will give the almighty doctor to turn off the damn machine. Bip bip beeep.

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